Joshua “JAE BLACK” Boykins is a Independent hip hop artist out of Asheboro, NC. He also is owner, founder and CEO of the Indie Label "ILLCAPONE RECORDS LLC" which he started in the fall of 2018.  

Born in Asheboro, NC on July 25th 1988, JAE BLACK is the son of Sonya Goldston and Jerry Boykins. His interest in music began at the age of 10 when his mother got engaged to a man whose son introduced him to hip hop, From that point on JAE BLACK spend hours and hours every day making songs and writing and perfecting his craft while recording over tapes and letting his uncles listen.

In 2002 he attended Eastern Randolph High School were in his freshman year he met up with two other guys and formed the music group “Yung Gin Click” he then went by the name of “yung black” the group would make countless songs that where produced and directed by JAE BLACK himself but they only recorded on tape recorders making JAE BLACK feel like their  material wouldn’t be accepted in the cd driven market so they would go on to release nothing public, 3 years later the group ended due to differences. On January 13th 2009 his daughter “Arriah Ja’nesiah Boykins” was born which opened his eyes to the possibilities with the music and strayed him away from the gang related path he had been moving towards since the age of 15. In 2011 he formed yet another local group called “CAMP FIYAH” which consisted of his best friend from the previous group, his cousin and another friend. This would go on to be the first time that he would finally record material on a CD He recorded his debut ep “Thoughts from the Don” but never released it due to quality issue a year later the group disbanded and was no more 

In the beginning of 2012 he was introduced to a guy named Fredi Loc who had moved to North carolina from Los Vegas and he ended up joining Fredi’s local label “Gain Green ent”. JAE BLACK would release single "Tight wad" under Gain Green ENT which gave him a  local buzz after bieng placed on a mixtape called “Three Kings”all while working on his official debut EP but ended up leaving 2 years later due to in house differences. After taking a year off from music and with the birth of his second daughter named “Alaysia Boykins” in summer of 2014 he returned to music that late fall and once again began recording his debut EP at the house studio of a old schoolmate and in the Fall of 2015 he released his debut ep “THE BLACK PLAGUE” 

After the release of his debut album, off very little promotion that summer he got invited to a event in New York called “The Gathering” where he performed 6 songs in front of the crowd which gave him a small buzz outside North Carolina Following the event he ended up taking another 3 year break from music because of personal reason. After the birth of his third child “Ja’tavious Matthew Boykins” on August 30th of 2018 he decided to returned back to the music scene he missed for so long and did so in a big way by deciding to no longer look for a deal and to go strictly independent he then formed and legalized his own independent record label  “Illcapone Records LLC” and got to work on new music right away.

After his Great Grandmothers Death in March he dropped his first music video to his what would become his hot lead single "FACTS" on April 5th. Facts would eventally become his lead single to his Ep he would go on to release on Entitled "THE PENALTY OF LEADERSHIP" which gave him a big boost locally as well as some spots around the world mostly do to his lead single "FACTS" and the second lead single "MY COME UP" which he would go on to release a music video for 3 days after the ep released.

Later in August he would drop the Latin Spanish vibe single entitled "MY BAG" as a lead single for his new project but after taking to social media he later confiremd that he put his project on hold for personal reason but told his fans and supporters he had another gift waiting on them. On October 4th he released a 5 song Ep entitled "49" which he later said on social media was inspired by his youger days when it seemed harder to get his music heard and how the only ears he had was his childhood click who gave him alot of support and love.